Bayer Dormagen TDI plant moves ahead


Bayer MaterialScience will build a chemical plant in Dormagen, Germany, following approval from the Cologne regional administration.

The €150m chemical plant will manufacture environmentally friendly Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI), which is needed for flexible polyurethane foam.

The new plant is expected to reduce energy consumption by up to 60% while requiring as much as 80% less solvent compared with a traditional plant of the same size.

The facility will replace the current plants for the production of TDI in Dormagen and Brunsbüttel, Germany, and is expected to get its final operating permit in mid-2012.

The plant features safety measures including continuously monitored, earthquake and storm-proof housing as well as a metallic housing fastened to a stable steel base structure, which in combination with a robust ventilation system ensures that none of the substances escape the housing in case of a materials leak.

Bayer MaterialScience head of polyurethanes business Joachim Wolff said: "We are pleased that the construction for this important project can now begin and be completed within the next two years as planned.

"With an annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons, the future world-scale plant is the final building block of a long-term investment strategy in Dormagen in addition to being a key element for optimizing our isocyanate production in Europe."

Bayer MaterialScience manufactures polymer materials and serves the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction and sports and leisure industries.

Image: Bayer's new TDI plant will minimise energy consumption by up to 60%. Photo: Bayer MaterialScience.