BASF-YPC begins construction of superabsorbent polymers plant in China

BASF-YPC, a joint venture between BASF and Sinopec, has begun construction of its new superabsorbent polymers (SAP) plant in Nanjing, China.

The 60,000mtpa SAP plant is expected to start commercial operation in early 2014.

Superabsorbent polymers are used in baby diapers, candles, composites and laminates, fire-retardant gels and fragrance carriers, as well as in controlled release of insecticides and herbicides.

BASF-YPC president Stephan Kothrade said that the SAP plant is built to meet the anticipated demand for superabsorbent materials from Chinese consumers.

"Market success is always built on the highest values, principles and standards in the areas of safety, environment performance, energy savings and talent development, here at BASF-YPC Company Limited," Kothrade added. "We will ensure these values and principles will continue to be at the core of everything that we do, including the SAP plant and other following investments."

BASF president Albert Heuser and Yangzi Petrochemical Company chairman Ma Qiulin said in a joint statement that both the companies are also planning to build a new 60,000mtpa acrylic acid plant as well as a new butyl acrylate plant.

BASF-YPC is involved in the production of chemicals and polymers.