BASF to build new acetylene plant in Ludwigshafen

Global chemical producer BASF has started construction of a new acetylene production plant at its Ludwigshafen site in Germany.

The new plant will be operational by the end of 2019, and will be replacing the existing plant.

It will have the capacity to produce 90,000mt of acetylene per annum and will use an efficient production process.

BASF Intermediates division president Stefan Blank said: “With the new plant, we are strengthening the BASF Verbund by ensuring an efficient supply of the key intermediate acetylene at our Ludwigshafen site. This will improve our competitiveness and support growth in the various acetylene value chains.

"The new plant in Ludwigshafen will use state-of-the-art technical equipment and processes."

“We have been working on acetylene production for more than 50 years and have continuously refined the associated processes during this time. Accordingly, the new plant in Ludwigshafen will use state-of-the-art technical equipment and processes.”

The company said that incorporation of modern production process at the new plant would result in efficient use of the raw materials, as well as heat released during the production process being used for generating energy.

According to the company, the new plant will strengthen the BASF Verbund in Ludwigshafen.

BASF Ludwigshafen Verbund site head Uwe Liebelt said: “As an important starting material for many BASF products at the Ludwigshafen site and for products produced by our customers, acetylene is very important to BASF.

“Integrating this plant within our Verbund approach offers advantages such as efficient use of resources, excellent production synergies and short supply routes. This will further enhance the long-term competitiveness of our Ludwigshafen site.”

Acetylene has a diverse range of applications. According to the company, around 20 production facilities at the Ludwigshafen site use acetylene as a starting material for many other products and value chains.

Image: BASF to build new acetylene plant in Ludwigshafen. Photo: courtesy of Gewetz.