BASF FINA awards ethylene furnace contract to Selas

BASF FINA Petrochemicals, a joint venture of BASF Corporation and Total Petrochemicals, has awarded a contract to Selas Fluid Processing Corporation for a cracking ethylene furnace.

Under the contract, Selas Fluid will engineer, procure and construct the new furnace, which will produce ethane, naphtha and LPG feedstock. The furnace will be integrated with the BASF FINA steam cracker plant in Port Arthur, Texas, US.

Selas Fluid Ethylene Furnaces product manager Paul van Helmond said that with its long history and extensive experience with the design and supply of ethylene cracking furnaces, the firm is ready to meet the challenges of the project.

"With falling feedstock prices, the ethylene industry in North America is poised for a boom period in the next few years," said Helmond.

Selas Fluid president and CEO Bruce Hensinger said that many North American olefins producers are in advanced stages of expansion planning.

"They are ready to execute LSTK furnace projects both in our 'back yard' and worldwide," he said.

Selas Fluid is a subsidiary of Linde Engineering, which provides engineering design, supply, and construction of combustion-based equipment and oxidation technologies. The company offers technology-based, cost-effective solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, refining, gas and pharmaceutical industries.

Selas's product portfolio includes pyrolysis furnaces for olefin plants, steam hydrocarbon reformers for methanol, ammonia and hydrogen plants, EDC pyrolysis furnaces for vinyl plants, fired heaters for refinery and speciality chemical plants, cryogenic vaporisers for liquefied gas plants, and oxidation and incineration products.