Aramco awards Jazan refinery and aromatics complex contract to Axens

Saudi Aramco has awarded a contract to Axens to provide its process technologies for its Jazan refinery and terminal project, as well as the associated aromatics complex.

The units under Axens design includes a naphtha hydrotreater for feedstock purification, CCR Reforming for aromatics production, a C5/C6 isomerisation unit to provide a high octane component for the gasoline pool, a ParamaX complex that enables the production of high-purity paraxylene and benzene, and an and gas oil desulfurisation hydrotreater.

The refinery, scheduled to be commissioned in December 2016, will have a capacity of 400,000 barrels per stream day.

The units are designed and integrated to maximise the gasoline production and the aromatics throughput for petrochemical use.