INEOS to Build Europe's First Advanced Bioethanol from Waste Plant

INEOS has been awarded £7.3m ($10.78m) to build a 30-million-litre commercial-scale bioethanol plant at its Seal Sands site in Tees Valley, UK.

Europe's first advanced bioethanol from a waste plant will convert biodegradable household and commercial waste to carbon-neutral biofuel for use in cars and renewable electricity for homes.

The plant, expected to be fully operational by 2012, will produce 24,000t (30 million litres) of carbon-neutral road transport fuel per year and will generate more than 3MW of clean electricity for export from over 100,000t of biodegradable household and commercial waste annually.

The plant will create 350 construction jobs and over 40 permanent skilled roles.

Combining advanced bioenergy production with advanced waste treatment, the facility will be expanded into a larger integrated biorefinery, which will be operational by 2015.

The DECC has approved the funding of £4.5m ($6.6m) for the next phase of the project, while the Regional Development Agency One North East is investing £2.8m ($4.13m) - £1.8m ($2.65m) of which has been secured through the Tees Valley Industrial Programme.