Bayer MaterialScience Plans New TDI Plant at Chempark

A new high-tech production plant for toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is to be built at Chempark Dormagen in Germany following a €150m ($206m) investment from Bayer MaterialScience.

The new plant is expected to produce 300,000t of TDI per year and will replace existing plants in Dormagen and Brunsbüttel.

Subject to approval from the government and local authority, the plant will be built on the site of a coal-fired power-plant, which will be torn down.

The second phase of the project is expected to begin in April 2010 and the entire TDI production plant is expected to begin operations in 2014.

The facility will use TDI process technology and aims to set new standards worldwide for efficient and climate-friendly TDI production.

Bayer plans to produce raw materials for polyurethane rigid foams to be expanded in Brunsbüttel.

TDI is an important precursor for the production of polyurethane flexible foams, which is used to produce durable and high-quality comfort products that have become integral parts of modern daily life.