Merck Expands Chemical Research Centre in the UK

Merck has expanded its Advanced Technologies Centre at Chilworth near Southampton in the UK, which entailed a $4.3bn (€3bn) investment in technical facilities for research and product development purposes.

The expansion has resulted in the creation of 20 jobs for scientists and technical experts specialising in chemistry, physics, application technology and analysis.

Advanced Technologies unit head Dr Klaus Bofinger said that investments in application technology, including for organic electronics and flexible displays, will help the firm gain a competitive edge.

"Advanced Technologies Chilworth (AT-C) as a central research and development site of the chemicals business sector plays an important role in also implementing these technologies into tailored, innovative products for our customers worldwide," Bofinger said.

AT-C researchers are teaming up with other Merck sites on innovative materials, and are also keen on collaborating with universities, research institutes and future customers.