Texas Regulator Fines Two Petrochemical Companies

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in the US has imposed fines on petrochemical companies Ineos and Chevron Phillips Chemical for emission and record-keeping violations.

The commission has imposed a fine of $10,000 on Ineos for releasing over 7,700lb of emissions from a flare at its Chocolate Bayou facility for over 17 hours on 29 December 2008, according to thefacts.com.

The emissions included 3,762lb of carbon monoxide, 3,124lb of ethylene and 738lb of nitrogen oxide, and the firm has agreed to pay $8,000, with the remaining $2,000 deferred.

Chevron has been levied a fine of $10,370 for submitting incorrect information to the commission about emissions compliance for the period between 1 October 2007 and 30 September 2008.

Chevron was also charged for failing to prevent emissions from flares over an 18-minute period on 3 May 2008, and the company has agreed to pay $8,296, with $2,074 deferred.