Dow and Algenol to Build Pilot CO2 Capture Refinery

The Dow Chemical Company has announced plans to partner with Algenol Biofuels to construct a pilot algae-based biorefinery to convert industrially derived carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethanol.

The plant, planned at Dow's Texas site in Freeport, will see Dow and other research institutes share technology and expertise with Algenol to create a breakthrough process for ethanol production, Dow said.

The refinery will use Algenol's technology that can produce ethanol from CO2, salt water, sunlight and non-arable land to produce ethanol.

The CO2 will be supplied from a nearby Dow manufacturing facility.

The partners will collaborate on enhancing the CO2 capture technology for commercial purposes, on the approval of a federal grant requested by Algenol.

Dow also plans to develop advanced materials and speciality films for the photobioreactor system and provide technology and expertise related to water treatment solutions.