BioAmber to build biosuccinic acid plant in Canada

BioAmber has selected Ontario, Canada, as the site for a new biosuccinic acid plant.

The plant will be built in Sarnia and will have an initial capacity of 17,000t. It will be commissioned in 2013.

BioAmber also plans to produce 1,4-butanediol on the site, using technology exclusively licensed from DuPont that converts succinic acid into the chemical.

Authorities have granted C$35m (US$35.8m) to the company for Sarnia plant.

At its peak, the Sarnia plant is expected to produce 35,000t of biosuccinic and 23,000t of bio-based 1,4-butanediol.

By 2014, the firm plans to double capacity the Sarnia plant's capacity through the introduction of a next generation yeast being developed with Cargill.

BioAmber currently produces bio-based succinic acid at a 3,000t-capacity plant in France.