EU levies anti-dumping duties on US VAM imports

The European Commission has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on European Union (EU) imports of vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) from the US.

According to ChemWeek, the duties will be in force for six months and will be prolonged for five years if the commission decides to convert them into 'definitive' anti-dumping duties.

The measures follow an investigation covering the period between 1 October 2009 and 30 September 2010 after a complaint from Ineos Oxide was supported by Wacker Chemie.

EU imports of VAM from the US grew to 152,445t from 103,192t during the same period, but the average price of those imports fell from €774 per tonne to €573 per tonne.

The anti-dumping duties are 12.1% against Celanese, 13% against LyondellBasell and 13.8% against Dow and any other US VAM exporters.