Gevo to Build Hydrocarbon Processing Plant in Texas

US-based Gevo has partnered with South Hampton Resources, a subsidiary of Arabian American Development Company, to build a hydrocarbon processing demonstration plant at its facility in Silsbee, Texas.

The demonstration plant is expected to process up to 10,000gal of Gevo's isobutanol a month. It will be converted into a variety of renewable hydrocarbon materials including jet fuel, isooctane, isooctene and paraxylene.

Gevo CEO Patrick Gruber said that Gevo intends to demonstrate its fully integrated biorefinery, from renewable carbohydrates to fungible hydrocarbon materials used across the refining and petrochemical industries.

''We expect this plant to showcase the value of our renewable hydrocarbons and drive future customer demand," Gruber said.

The plant is scheduled for completion before the end of 2011.