Sasol to Build Ethylene Tetramerisation Plant in US

Sasol has selected S&B Engineers and Constructors to build its ethylene tetramerisation plant at Lake Charles in Louisiana, US.

The plant will use Sasol's proprietary technology to convert ethylene to 1-octene and 1-hexene, and will have a capacity to produce capable 100,000t of combined 1-octene and 1-hexene a year.

South Africa-based Sasol currently produces 350,000t of 1-octene and 1-hexene a year.

The products are used in the manufacture of linear low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and elastomers that are used in food packaging, bags, toys, car interiors and power cable coatings.

The plant is expected to start in mid 2013. Financial details of the investment have not been disclosed.