US Extends Biofuel Loan

The US Government has extended loan guarantees worth $650m to four biofuel companies to help build plants to produce motor fuel from sources such as animal fat, orange peel and trash.

The US Department of Energy offered a loan guarantee of $241m to Diamond Green Diesel – a joint venture between Valero Energy and Darling International.

The US Department of Agriculture has also extended aid of $250m to Coskata to build and operate a 55 million gallons/year plant to make cellulosic ethanol from woody biomass in Alabama, US.

The aid will also support the construction of a 137 million gallon per year renewable diesel plant in Norco, Louisiana, to make fuel from animal fat, used cooking oil and other waste grease.

The US Department of Agriculture also offered Enerkem a loan guarantee of $80m to build a biorefinery that will produce 10 million gallons/year of advanced biofuel from municipal trash in Mississippi.

The loan also includes $75m for INEOS New Planet BioEnergy to make biofuels from citrus waste and other agricultural debris in Vero Beach, Florida.