Braskem and Ineos Form Polyethylene Technology Partnership

Braskem has signed an agreement with Ineos Technologies to acquire slurry technologies for two of its three polyethylene plants at the Ethylene XXI petrochemicals project in Mexico.

Under the agreement, the Brazilian chemical maker plans to acquire licences for Inoes' Innovene S slurry and Innovene G gas phase technologies to produce high-density and linear low-density polyethylene.

In addition, Braskem and Ineos Technologies will jointly conduct research and development programmes for the slurry and gas-phase polyethylene platforms.

The two plants will have a combined high density polyethylene capacity of 750,000t a year. Operations are scheduled to begin in January 2015.

Braskem has also said it is planning a third plant, which will have a capacity to produce 300,000t low density polyethylene a year.