Succinic Acid-Based Renewable Chemicals

Succinate Ester Solvents for Fragrance Carriers


BioAmber was first to market with commercial scale bio-based succinic acid, and is currently serving customers from a plant in France. Based on growing market demand for bio-based chemicals, BioAmber is constructing a large-scale plant in Ontario, Canada, to supply industrial scale bio succinic acid. As a platform chemical, BIO-SA™ succinic acid has a wide range of applications, including as an intermediate for bio-based synthetic ester lubricants.

The succinate esters showed good solvency for the fragrance compositions, with diethyl succinate demonstrating the highest solvency. In many cases, the succinate esters impart additional notes to the fragrance or fragrance blends. While this may be undesirable for some applications, it may allow for the succinate esters to be considered part of the fragrance rather than as a carrier solvent. Additionally, the succinate ester imparted pleasant, mild sweet notes which may be beneficial for some applications. Finally, the diester succinate solvents can be up to 100% natural when natural alcohols are used in ester synthesis, giving a natural solvent with good carrier properties for incorporation of fragrance into cosmetic product formulations.

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