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Analysing protein stability and storage using Zetasizer Nano ZSP

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Spidroins are a unique family of large, structural proteins that make up the bulk of spider silk fibres. The mechanical strength and elasticity of spider silk fibres have led to their successful use in the regeneration of peripheral nerves in rats, with the same properties giving the potential for use in a wide range of other applications. The production of these proteins on an industrial scale, however, has only become possible fairly recently.

Based in Sweden, Spiber Technologies aim to commercialise recombinant spider proteins, adjusting their production method in order to provide customers with spidroins tailored to their needs. The evolution of spidroins has been highly influenced by a requirement for high tensile strength, a quality that does not necessarily guarantee stability when other stresses are applied. This application note describes the use of a Zetasizer Nano ZSP to characterise the stability at different temperatures of three different spidroins produced by Spiber Technologies.

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