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Properties and Applications for GKN Sinter Metals' SIKA-FIL Products

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SIKA-FIL, which is a trademark of GKN Sinter Metals, is our brand name for a sintered stainless steel fibre element. Wire mesh or perforated sheets can be sintered as a support on request.

Due to the high degree of porosity, up to 85% of these composite metal fibre materials can achieve an extremely high flow rate, especially for gases.

In comparison to the particle size distribution of powder materials, the range of diameters of the fibres is very uniform, resulting in an equally narrow range of pore diameters. This ensures an optimal ratio of filter grade to permeability.

The characteristics of the sintered stainless steel fibre elements result in the following important properties of our SIKA-FIL products:

• Stable pore shape due to sinter processing
• High permeability
• Low pressure drop
• High dirt-holding capacity (longer lifetime)
• High temperature resistance
• Easy cleaning (back flushing)
• Corrosion resistant
• High degree of mechanical flexibility (ductile)

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