GKN Sinter Metals

Sintered Metal Filters and Components

Benefits and Applications of Using GKN's Customisable Solutions

GKN Sinter Metals

All sintered materials of GKN offer a self-supporting structure with high mechanical strength.

We manufacture various filter grades with specified pore sizes and flow rates in order to have the appropriate solution for your requirements.

Our innovative products and technology can be applied in various situations for a number of applications, including:

• Aeration
• Carbonisation
• Catalyst recovery
• Catalyst retainer
• Flame arrestors
• Flow restrictors
• Semi conductor Industry
• Fluidizing
• Gas filtration
• Hot gas filtration
• Liquid filtration
• Steam filtration
• Slurry oil filtration
• Silencing
• Wine filtration

In addition to the flexibility and inherent usability of our products, they also include a number of advantages, such as:

• High Temperature resistance
• High corrosion resistance
• Nickel based alloys available
• High mechanical strength
• Excellent back pulse performance
• Design flexibility

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