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Grounding Control Device EKX-4

Timm Elektronik

New generation grounding control for use in gas and combustible dust in hazardous areas.

When loading fuels or other non-conducting inflammable hydrocarbons into or from fuel-carrying vehicles, it is absolutely necessary to ground trucks and wagons in a safe way to divert the electrostatic charges and prevent the possible generation of sparks by an unintentional discharge, which may cause an explosion.

The new Grounding Control Device EKX-4 is designed to carry out a controlled grounding connection to the object while loading fuel into tank trucks, railway tank wagons, containers or transport barrels.

It guarantees loading only in case of a sufficient low impedance grounding connection to the object. As soon as a correct grounding is confirmed, the signal lights and the potential-free control outputs are switched over to release.

If the grounding connection is interrupted, the device switches immediately back into the safe status.

The new Grounding Control Device EKX-4 will be certified soon in accordance with the latest European explosion prevention directives 94/9/E.C. (ATEX 95) for operation in hazardous areas of zone one.

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