Verderflex Rapide Systems for Ink-Pumping Applications

Verderflex Rapide Systems for Ink-Pumping Applications

rapide pump system

Verderflex® Rapide is pleased to introduce its new range of industrial tube pumps delivers a selection of peristaltic pump soutions, that are both versatile and simple to operate.

The family offers the customers, choices that are compact, simple to use and require no tools during the tube change. The range has been developed to offer reliable and cost effective pumping solutions for industrial applications.

Standard designs incorporate rugged aluminium pump heads with "thick-walled" tubing for increased suction lift and IP55 gear motors with both single and three phase options.

The Verderflex Rapide is an excellent, low flow dosing pump capable of handling viscous, abrasive and chemically aggressive media with total containment and leak free pumping.

Verderflex Pump in Printing Process

In a printing process, where pumps are used to deliver inks to its printers, the pumps use considerable amount of compressed air and require constant maintenance due to the wearable parts like seals and valves.

This could result in high repair and maintenance costs and higher and frequent down-times.

In addition to this, these pumps are required to deliver shear sensitive inks to the printers without foaming or separation.

Advantages of the Rapide Tube Pump:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Can be integrated into third-party equipment such as printing presses
  • Designed for industrial environments including chemical, mining, printing and water treatment
  • Can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs)

After assessing the situation, a Verderflex R8 Peristaltic Hose pump was recommended. With a flow rate between 170l/hr and 470l/hr at 2Bar, the low maintenance Verderflex R8 was perfect for this application.

This pump enables the customer to save both cost and time by having high dependability and only one wearing part - the hose.

With a simple clamping mechanism enabling hose change, the pumps are easy to maintain on-site, without requiring specialist repairs. There are no seals or valves to replace, nor impellers that can become clogged.

Verderflex's happy customers claim that Verderflex R8 is a "great pump and very reliable".

In addition to the benefits described above, customers were delighted that Verderflex pumps also save money on ink during setup / cleaning between jobs by being reversible. They simply pump any unused ink back into the supply after the print job is finished.

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