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LEWA - Metering Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps and Engineered Packages

LEWA is a leading manufacturer of engineered process pumps for the chemical industry. The company specialises in highly precise metering pumps and high-performance process diaphragm pumps, as well as a range of engineered packages that includes complete metering systems.


Featuring a wealth of standardised assemblies, LEWA's ecoflow range of diaphragm metering pumps can be customised for practically every pumping application. ecoflow metering pumps incorporate the Diaphragm Protection System (DPS) that perfectly complements the range's proven modular design and offers safe control of the diaphragm movement during operation.

Besides modular standardised diaphragm metering pumps, LEWA can also deliver specialised solutions to meet the customer's requirements. The design is hermetically tight, highly reliable and delivers the lowest possible life cycle and maintenance costs. It is simple to operate and service – diaphragms can be quickly replaced and a minimum number of dynamic seals are included. Process control is provided by the Condition Monitoring System (CMS).

LEWA ecoflow is the most progressive diaphragm metering pump worldwide and offers maximum safety for production and environment. The company also manufactures LEWA ecodos and LEWA micro-flow metering pumps.


LEWA continues to set new standards for process diaphragm pump technology in high pressure process engineering. With a pressure range up to 1,200bar, their process diaphragm pumps can quickly and safely transfer critical, toxic and inflammable fluids in a wide range of operating conditions. Ideal for use in the chemical and food processing industries, their pumps also handle extreme fluids with high viscosity, non-lubricating fluids or abrasive suspensions with ease. Acting as an interface to the process guiding system, LEWA process diaphragm pumps also offer online and offline condition monitoring systems for electronic control. Flow adjustment is achieved via a frequency inverter.

LEWA also develops and supplies complete pump systems, which can be easily and directly integrated into the complete installation. All components including control and protection installations are appropriately designed and optimised for the respective application.

LEWA process diaphragm pumps incur significantly lower life cycle costs than centrifugal pumps. Low maintenance costs are achieved due to long diaphragm up-times and long maintenance intervals.

Their pumps are designed for absolute safe dry operation, and are protected against overload due to the pressure limiting valve.


The company delivers engineering and on-site commissioning services for metering and mixing applications, and supplies both proven standard packages and metering packages that are tailor-made for specific applications.

LEWA's metering solutions are delivered with modern electronics that enable both open and closed loop control and monitoring. The company also supplies open and closed loop odourising systems.

LEWA meets all requirements for new systems / upgrades from proportional control up to monitored and closed loop odourisation.

Facts and figures:

Headquarters: Leonberg, Germany
16 subsidiaries worldwide

certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by LRQA

pumps according to guidelines API 674,
API 675; 94/9 EG (ATEX)

hygienic certification: 3-A; EHEDG; FDA;
QHD; ASME BPE for systems

member of: VDMA; Europump;
Hydraulic Institute

Contact Details

Ulmer Strasse 10
71229 Leonberg
Tel: +49 7152 14 1376
Fax: +49 7152 14 2376

LEWA offers a single-source solution to handling complex metering and mixing tasks.
The ecoflow range of diaphragm metering pumps features the Diaphragm Protection System (DPS), providing safe control of the diaphragm movement during operation.
LEWA's process diaphragm pump can easily handle high viscosity, non-lubricating fluids or abrasive suspensions.
From simplex to multiplex pumps - LEWA offers unlimited combinations.
LEWA manufactures metering pumps, process diaphragm pumps and a range of engineering packages that includes complete metering systems.
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