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Edwards is a world leader in providing vacuum equipment and solutions for the process, industrial, scientific, solar, coating, semiconductor, flat panel display, biofuel and R&D industries. Whether it's technical expertise, product innovation or their global support network, Edwards is unrivaled in their dedication to maximizing value while lowering your cost of ownership. Edwards stands behind each product with exceptional integrity and strength, supporting their customers beyond standard expectations.

Product ranges include: industrial dry pumps and systems; chemical dry pumps and systems; oil-free vacuum pumps; rotary piston pumps; rotary vane pumps; vapor diffusion pumps; mechanical vacuum boosters; turbomolecular pumps; liquid ring pumps; exhaust management systems; liquid abatement; and valves, instrumentation and coupling.

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Edwards' EXT406PX turbomolecular vacuum pump allows customers to build cost-effective, compact vacuum systems, capable of withstanding high backing pressures even with continuous gas loads at the main inlet, and not just at ultimate vacuum. This new pump has been developed for use in combination with a backing pump of significantly smaller capacity, resulting in a vacuum system which consumes less power than comparable systems. This leads to a lower purchase cost, lower cost of ownership and reduced carbon footprint.

This is the first pump of its kind that combines turbomolecular and drag stages with an innovative fluid dynamic stage, allowing customers to achieve the same gas flow using a smaller backing pump. It offers reliable, high-speed, low-pressure performance and is available in two ranges. The ISO and CF 160 have nitrogen (N2) pumping speeds of 400l/s (N2) and the ISO and CF 100 have N2 pumping speeds of 310l/s (340l/s for He). It can sustain normal operation at a backing pressure of up to 17mbar.

Magnetic bearing turbo vacuum pumps

Edwards' STP iX2205™ series of magnetic bearing turbo vacuum pumps provides industry-leading performance. The feature power supply and control modules can be mounted in various configurations; directly on the pump, or remotely, which eliminates cables and accessory racks.

The STP iX2205™ range is designed to work in high ambient temperatures, where external condensation on cooling can be an issue and they are IP54 rated for protection against water and dust. The STP iX2205 is available with RS232, RS485 and Profibus serial communication interfaces. Currently in 1,600l/s and 2,200l/s versions with larger units are planned for future development. The pump's five-axis magnetic bearing system and new motor and drive system ensure long life and low operating costs.

All turbo pumps can be connected to Edwards' advanced monitoring system which tracks and logs key parameters to give advanced notification when service is required.

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

The RV range of dual mode vacuum pumps is designed for applications that require either high throughputs or high ultimate vacuum. These pumps can obtain optimum pumping performance without compromising the application, offering a high ultimate vacuum down to 2 x 10-³mbar in high vacuum mode and 3 x 10-²mbar in high throughput mode.

It is now available with ATEX approved (flame proof) motors, which comply with the European ATEX directive.

Chemical dry vacuum pumps

Industry is under increased pressure to save space on the plant floor and Edwards’ CPH™ dry pump series is a cost competitive and simple solution, ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. They are fully ATEX compliant and users can reliably pump a wide range of flammable vapours.

There are two new pumps in the range, the CPH250 chemical dry pump, with a 250m³/hr throughput, and the CPH400 chemical dry pump, with a 400m³/hr capacity. Both offer excellent pumping speeds. They are also available as pre-engineered pump and booster combinations with Edwards’ popular EH range of mechanical boosters to give a compact package with pumping speeds up to 2,700m³/hr and a low ultimate pressure which is well suited to applications such as solvent drying.

XDS scroll pumps

Edwards XDS scroll pumps are an excellent alternative to rotary vane pumps where oil free pumping is desirable. The innovative new XDS pumps use a patented bearing shield to isolate the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant not only making them totally dry, but also protecting the bearing from any process gases. Vapor handling is enabled by an adjustable gas ballast; allowing the pumps to satisfy many applications that were previously off limits to scroll pumps.

Available in three sizes, XDS5, XDS10 and XDS35i up to 35m³h?¹, their ability to work equally effectively in laboratory or industrial environments make the XDS scroll pumps the first choice in a wide range of applications.

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