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Witte Reveals Advances in Pellet Separation Science in New Literature

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 by The Witte Company

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Process equipment manufacturer The Witte Company, of Washington, New Jersey, has unveiled new technical literature showcasing the company's vibrating plastic pellet classifiers.

Entitled '200 Series Plastic Pellet Classifiers', the literature describes how the classifiers efficiently separate and remove 'fines', 'oversize' and a variety of short, long and other off-spec material from the plastic resin pellets which meet required size specifications.

Featuring full colour photography, detailed engineering schematics and machinery dimensions, the literature highlights the Witte signature screen deck configuration, which sets the screening decks in a series on a single level for maximum screening efficiency. The screening configuration also permits visual access to the material in process and invites easy physical access to the screens for quick removal and cleaning in between batches.

The informative brochure reveals how the company's proprietary eccentric weight vibrator technology uses linear motion vibration to gently advance the plastic pellets from the product inlet, over the screens and to multiple discharge chutes for separate collection of the oversized, fine and on-spec plastic material. Witte advances, including clear screen cover windows, perforated fines decking and clear belt safety guards, among others, are showcased.

The literature from The Witte Company is available either as a free download from the company's website, or as a free printed version.