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Witte Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers are Now Even Easier to Clean and Maintain

Friday, August 20, 2010 by The Witte Company

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Recognizing the need for our customers to be able to open and access the internals of our fluid bed dryers and coolers as efficiently as possible, Witte takes it one step further.

Our C-20 quick release clamps and davit-mounted electric hoists had always allowed access to the inside of the drying area within minutes on even our largest dryers. This had raised the cover and exposed the rugged slotted wire rod conveying surface inside. It is this conveying surface that provides the vertical air flow and even air distribution so important to the high heat transfer in our fluid beds.

However, in the largest dryers this conveying surface can become quite cumbersome and difficult to remove for cleaning and inspection. We have designed a system where the electric hoists can raise the cover to expose the inside of the drying chamber, or by the insertion of quick detent pins raise both the cover and conveying surface at the same time. This exposes the underside of the conveying surface for cleaning, inspection, or maintenance in literally minutes.