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Bekaert Advanced Filtration - Metal Filter Elements and Systems

Bekaert is a worldwide leader in selected applications of its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. Bekaert provides solutions for the most demanding filtration applications. Bekaert is your specialized partner in the design and manufacture of metallic filter elements and filtration systems.

Our experience is know-how and expertise guaranteed in all aspects of filtration technology. We are able to react to any situation and to seek a solution to a specific application. Whether standard or custom made, Bekaert offers you the equipment to perfectly match your quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements.

We want to be a valuable partner in providing products and solutions tailored to your needs. Eager to understand your situation and processes, we see this as a pre-condition for building close partnerships that result in solutions that work for your company.

Our specialists and researchers think along with you to come up with new products and applications. It is our goal to improve your processes and ensure that your products enjoy a longer lifespan and superior properties.


Benefit from more than 30 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of filter elements and systems. Bekaert is the leader in filtration for the polymer industry offering the most complete range of products from polymerization to spinning.

Filter systems: whether standard or custom made, Bekaert offers you the equipment to perfectly match your quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements. The best filter media and the most appropriate filter elements will be used in our monomer, pre-polymer or polymer filter systems. Defy us and we will find the unique solution for your specific application.

Spinpack filters and gaskets: Bekaert can provide you with the complete set of elements used in spinpack filtration. This step is critical in the production of synthetic fibers (spinning), and we can really improve and innovate your traditional filtration:

  • Gaskets
  • Screens
  • Bekaert Optisupport®
  • Filling sands


Bekaert specializes in the development and manufacture of porous metal filtration solutions. We offer filter media, elements and systems for industrial gas filtration, based on the unique advantages of metal fibre media. Use our filter systems in your high-temperature and/or corrosive chemical and petrochemical process, for filtration of process and exhaust gases.

Our systems offer an alternative in situations where high mechanical stability, long lifetime, low pressure drop, easy cleaning and chemical and heat resistance are required. Filter materials are available with temperature resistance up to 1,000°C.

Depth filter applications: depth filtration is used primarily in applications where small dust loads must be separated from a gas stream. The contaminants or particles are captured within the multiple layer structure of the filter medium. Profit from our depth filter systems that combine high temperature and corrosion resistance with high dirt holding capacity and excellent off-line cleaning possibilities - the perfect solution for your applications!

Backpulse filter applications: backpulse surface filtration is the solution for applications where large dust concentrations must be separated from a gas stream. We offer you the finest metal filter media available on today’s market. Our backpulse filter systems build a dust cake at the filter surface. The cake is removed at regular intervals using a venturi backpulse or reverse flow process, which allows you to clean the filters online.


Bekaert is your specialized partner in the development and manufacture of porous metal filtration solutions. We offer filter media, elements and systems for industrial liquid processing applications. Enjoy the unique advantages of sintered porous metal.

Our filter elements and systems offer you the following advantages:

  • Resistance to high temperatures and corrosion
  • High-strength filter elements
  • Totally enclosed
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduced spare parts expense
  • Waste minimisation
  • Single-stage filtration
  • Wide selection of filter media


Benefit from our complete variety of metallic filter media that can be cleaned and re-used. They resist to chemicals and mechanical wear, and have a maximum life span.

  • Classical weave
  • Dutch weave
  • Multipor
  • Sintered metal fibres
  • Micro-perforated sheets
  • Sintered metal powders
  • Wedge wire media
  • Sintered mesh


Our metallic filter elements can be cleaned and re-used - a great advantage. Our elements are used in most industries and with a wide variety of applications:

  • Filter candles
  • Leaf discs
  • Bekaert Removable Mesh Pack®
  • Filter baskets

Many other configurations (conical, cylindrical, etc.) and dimensions are also available.

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Bekaert Advanced Filtration SA
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Tel: +32 4 360 94 65
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Removable mesh pack - enables greater cartridge economy since only the filtering part of the cartridge needs to be replaced.
Filter system - Southwest's filtration systems are simplex or duplex, inclusive of the filter housing, heating element, filter elements, valves and auxiliary equipment.
Candles and baskets - these metallic filter elements offer the great advantage of being able to be cleaned and re-used.
Filter discs - may favourably replace a set of cartridges for applications where fine filtration is linked to high operating pressures.
Southwest filter cartridges are available in many different configurations, such as conical and cylindrical (above).
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