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Emerson is the automation innovator with the depth of expertise and breadth of technologies to take on our customers' toughest challenges and bring predictable success anytime, anywhere.

You're under constant pressure to cut costs, increase output, reduce energy use, improve safety and reduce emissions, all with fewer experienced workers than ever before. That's why companies around the world turn to Emerson for technologies, services, and expertise to solve pressing problems.

Chemical producers share many of the same challenges - a need to know that production assets are available and reliable, that you're producing the right amount of product at the right quality, and that your process is as energy efficient as possible. But just as no two chemical operations are alike, there is no standard solution for meeting these challenges.

At Emerson, we have the right technology, consultants, and expertise to help you create a solution as unique as your process.

Emerson Automation Solutions offers:

  • The broadest range of measurement and analytical technologies for process clarity and insight
  • Highly reliable final control technologies to help you regulate and isolate your process with certainty
  • The systems and tools that provide the decision integrity to run your operation at its full potential
  • Expertise and global resources to help you dependably define, execute, and support a strategy throughout the lifecycle of your operation

Field-proven wireless pressure gauges

The Rosemount wireless pressure gauge enables remote collection of field data, which keeps operators updated on varying field conditions, as well as improves personnel safety by reducing manual operator cycles and field exposure.

Emerson's new gauge utilises field-proven piezo-resistive sensor technology to deliver reliable pressure readings.

Capable of accommodating fluctuating process conditions, the wireless pressure gauge also supplies up to 150 times more overpressure protection compared to traditional gauges. This results in a safer field environment by using two layers of process isolation.

Accurate process temperature measurements

Rosemount X-Well™ Technology provides a complete point system to precisely calculate process temperatures without using a thermowell or process penetration.

It calculates precise, consistent, internal process temperatures based on the thermal conductivity characteristics of the installation.

X-Well also simplifies the specification of temperature measurement points by eliminating wake frequency calculations, as well as reducing installation and maintenance costs by removing pipe penetration, which requires process shutdowns.

It also increases compliance with safety and environment standards with leak-point elimination.

State-of-the-art field-mount transmitters

The Micro Motion 5700 transmitter provides high-level measurement technology and support, delivering precise measurements, process insight and improved productivity through streamlined solutions.

Emerson's powerful technology and tools assure repeatable, reliable, accurate measurements. It offers easy access to process data allowing for better troubleshooting, process optimisation, and tighter control. Intuitive design and delivery means the company's products are easy to use and support.

Deployable without flow conditioning or straight pipe runs, Micro Motion is a safety-certified flowmeter for applications in up to SIL 3 loops, according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61508 standards.

Micro Motion meters perform an array of operations in the chemicals industry, including:

  • Measurement of mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature with a single device
  • Volume calculation at base conditions, concentration and alcohol content
  • Accuracy over a wide flow range from a single meter to optimise plant efficiency
  • Check for air entrainment in the process with specific actions

Four-wire liquid analysers

The Rosemount 1056 intelligent four-wire liquid analyser is a single and dual input multi-parameter instrument.

It is capable of analysing any combination of fluids, including pH / oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) / in-situ leaching (ISL); resistivity / conductivity; % concentration; chlorine (total, free, monochloramine, or pH-independent free chlorine); oxygen; ozone; temperature; turbidity; flow; and 4mA-20mA current input.

The Rosemount 1056 has a wide range of features:

  • HART and process field bus (PROFIBUS) differential pressure (DP) digital communications
  • A large display, featuring easy-to-read process measurements
  • Easy-to-install components, such as modular boards, removable connectors, easy-to-wire power, sensors, and outputs
  • Intuitive menu screens with advanced diagnostics and help displays
  • Multilingual support available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • A selection of sensors are available, depending on the application

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